As Creative Director I create a tangible vision for artists, making sure their visuals represents themselves aesthetically in a coherent, exciting way. I ensure their photo and video shoots. branding and general styling are all being aesthetically produced with one voice. I have built a professional team of talented creatives to achieve and execute this vision.


The ability to conceptualize the ‘look’ of an artist is very important. An artist and their team should have a clear vision - a creative roadmap that is an achievable extension of themselves. Excellent styling of photo shoots, music videos and live performances help artists tell their story to an audience in a way that is cohesive to their sound. Wether a minimalist approach or an outlandish statement, styling must be made of deliberate decisions that speak an artists' truth.

My roster of hair and makeup artists include some of LA’s edgiest and most creative artists. Working as a creative, empowered team elevates every shoot we do.


Graphics, logos and branding are a versatile asset effective across many mediums. When establishing an artists branding I study who they are and the essence of the art they make to create branding that will be inseparable from their websites, album covers, merchandise and marketing. Subtle typefaces or intricate designs, modern or classic - it all depends on the ethos behind what the artist is trying to achieve.

I work closely with a boutique team of graphic designer and visual artists to deliver results that have longevity and flexibility.